The CLT Pillow for a Disc Issue - Part II

I recently had a call from a woman who was  diagnosed with a herniated disc in her neck. She complained of major neck pain with numbness and tingling into the arms and the hands. She also stated that she could not get into a comfortable position at night. What could I recommend?

My recommendation of some kind of neck traction or stretching of the neck. Specifically, a special pillow called the arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow. Not your average pillow that you are going to buy at your local box store.

Using a bit of neck traction will help open up the nerve holes taking pressure off as well as allow inflammation to dissipate.

It also helps to put the neck in alignment and hold the discs back in place. Discs are between each vertebrae and allow us to move, jump, and more.

So for a disc issue I would again suggest using the Cervical Traction Pillow but it would be recommended for any kind of neck strain as well.

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