Travel Neck Pillow- The Key to sitting at the Airport

Recently, one of my good friends was coming back from a wedding in Chicago. Well lo and behold, his airplane got delayed because of thunderstorms in the NorthEast. He spent a whopping 10 long hours in the Chicago Airport- 3 of those hours were stuck on the airplane. I cannot even imagine what he went through. He was tired, grumpy and stressed when he finally got back home. It made me think about how to prepare for the far away trip that sometimes never seems to end. Having a comfortable travel neck pillow can make a big difference.

A good travel neck pillow is often shaped in the form of a "U". It is lightweight, supportive, easy to travel with and comfortable around your neck. Often times, a travel neck pillow can be composed of a foam, polyester fiber or gel like material. You don't want your travel pillow to be too soft because it will not give you the proper cervical support. Sitting in an airport is not like lounging around in your family room. You are sometimes awkwardly seated in between two people and you have to the make the most of your surroundings. A good travel pillow will keep your head and neck firmly supported, preventing them from unnecessarily moving side-to-side, bending back, or flopping off whenever you doze off to sleep.

Aside from using your travel pillow for travel, this special u shaped neck pillow can also be used if you have some type of a cosmetic procedure and you need to be seated so that your body can heal. For example: eye lid surgery, face lift, nose surgery, liposuction...you get the idea.

U shaped Memory Travel Neck Pillow. Travel Pillows for the Airplane Trip

  • Dimensions: rounded, diameter 10 Inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 100% viscoelastic memory foam
  • Benefits of this Travel Pillow: Helps support the head and neck so you can comfortably relax, Special U shape provides comfort for special sleeping or resting needs, Use it it at home or when travelling, memory foam responds to body heat to better conform to the unique shape of your head and neck.
  • Cost: $35.99
  • Shipping: $7.50
  • Shipping Method: UPS Ground
  • For Ordering information: Click here

There are many other types of Travel neck pillows available- ones created just for headache sufferers that include a cold gel pack, buckwheat ones, fiber ones, etc. Check out Arc4life's Travel Neck Pillows for more selection. Until next post, hope everyone has a comfortable journey next time they are waiting at the airport. - N.J.

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