The Stress – Breast Cancer Connection

New Research Shows that being optimistic decreases the risk of Breast Cancer
Today Blog Post comes as an excerpt directly from Arc4life's October 2008 eNewsLetter : The Healthy Back and Neck

New research has been released showing both a severe stressful life event in younger year…and… several less severe stressful events can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, having an optimistic attitude can decrease the risk.

Researchers recruited 255 women between 25 and 45 years old who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and 367 women of the same age who were free from the disease. They asked the women whether they had experienced any severe life events, such as loss of a spouse or a close relative, as well as events considered to be mild or moderately stressful, such as severe illness, job loss, or separation from a spouse. Women also completed a 15-item questionnaire to evaluate their levels of anxiety, depression, happiness, and optimism.

The researchers found women who had experienced two or more severe or mild-to-moderate life events were 62 percent more likely to have breast cancer. "This suggests that stressful events do not protect us from the effect of additional events, and even 'moderate or mild events' seem to have a cumulative effect," Dr. Ronit Peled and her team write in the medical journal BMC Cancer.

Women with breast cancer were statistically more likely to have higher scores for depression and lower scores for happiness and optimism.

However, they also found that women with a "general feeling of happiness and optimism" had a 25 percent lower risk of having been diagnosed with breast cancer.

It’s become abundantly clear over the years that stress is one of the most harmful things you can have in your life.

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