How can Increasing my Water Intake Help with my Neck Pain?

Our Bodies Are Made Mainly Of Water

Great question, and a very important question. If you didn’t already know, increasing your water intake helps lubricate joints of the neck. Water intake helps with the flow of fluid in the joints, as well as into the discs.

The real key is not only to increase your water, but getting motion in the neck and putting it into proper alignment. Normal alignment allows everything to communicate and flow as it should. Motion in the neck from exercises, neck tractioning, or stretches helps mobilize the water and lubricate the joints better.

Throughout the day discs become dehydrated because the weight of the head from gravity weighs on the spine pushing water out of the discs. Moving the head back into extension helps create a vacuum affect in the spine, pulling water into the disc.

Keeping the discs hydrated is extremely important because they create a space or hole (foramen) for the nerve roots to travel out of. Keeping that space open equals no nerve pressure; allowing it to close down (stenosis) equals nerve pressure and because of this Pain will follow.

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