"Poor Neck Alignment Leads to a Weaker Neck"

Neck posture is extremely important. Our bodies are made so that we can move, twist, etc … and also so we stay as strong as possible. We are always fighting the pressure of gravity!
We Can't Escape Gravity, Keep Your Spine Aligned!

Not only does adequate spine alignment mean limited nerve pressure which will help us to stay healthy and pain free, but it also helps us withstand the downward pressure gravity puts on us.

By investing some time in strengthening neck exercises and proper neck alignment, not only will you reduce pain now, you will be investing in a strong neck for the future to help prevent more serious problems down the road...

Properly withstanding these pressures prevents spinal breakdown and future nerve pressure also. Let’s look at the neck or cervical spine. Remember when I told you for every inch of forward head it increases the weight gravity puts on you by 10 pounds. This is a perfect example- whose neck do you think will break down faster, one with forward head posture and an extra 10 pounds on it everyday, or someone with perfect posture? I think you know the answer.

So, you can see how you don’t need to be a power lifter to want to strengthen the neck. Ultimately, correcting your neck’s alignment will strengthen your neck and prevent neck degeneration.

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