The Knee Elevator:For A More Comfortable Position at night

Simply Place the Knee Elevator
Under Your Knees When Lying
On your Back
If you suffer from a herniated disc in the lower back, knee pain, leg pain, lower back pain, or have circulation problems, then the knee elevator may of help to you. Especially when you are sleeping, and trying to get into a comfortable posititon that will allow for some restful sleep. This item is also great for patients who suffere from tendonitits in the knees or have swelling in the ankles.  The Knee Elevator helps relieve pressure on the lower back when laying down. Simply place it under your knees when lying on your back. More comfortable than using pillows under your knees because it does not collapse.

The knee elevator is a positioning product composed of precisely cut foam. The dimensions of this product are 17"x10"x7" (43cm x 25cm x 18cm). It is covered with a blue cloud fabric cover (made of a polyester/cotton blend).

This leg pillow helps to increase circulation in the legs. It elevates the knees to decrease pressure on your lower back. The ergonomic shape of the wedge allows for a comfortable fit behind the knees. If are a stomach sleeping and trying to help yourself sleep on your back, this positioning wedge will help. When combined with the right neck pillow, the knee elevator may be the solution for a restful, painfree nights sleep.

The Knee Elevator is available at Arc4life.com > Positioning Wedges and Bolsters > Knee Elevator

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