Neck Muscle Spasm: How it Happens and How to Get Rid of Them

Most often what happens is some kind of injury to the neck. Now, this can be a serious injury like a car accident whiplash, but it can be a much less traumatic neck strain from moving too quick or the wrong way.

Here’s an example: I was reaching for something in the cabinet above my fridge. Instead of getting a step stool I was reaching and turning my neck … wham, it hit me, a sharp spasm of pain in the side of my neck.

Thank goodness I have the tools and know-how to fix this problem. Using my traction pillow is one of the biggest things that helps, but even before doing that, I recommend a few other to-do’s to cure the neck spasms.

The first thing I did was warm up my hot pack to put on that side of my neck. I may also let the how shower soak on my neck when I shower. I was lucky enough that my wife was home and gave me a little neck massage with Biofreeze. Lastly, I rotated my pillow to the traction side; I use the linear gravity support side often, but when I do something to my neck or want to do some gentle traction, I use the neck traction side. Having the know-how and tools to correct neck spasms and neck pain will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

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