Do you take care of yourself as good as you could?...

We’ve talked in the past about the things you must do to improve and maintain your health. You must eat right, exercise, get proper rest, manage stress, and maintain your spine and nervous system.

If you sleep with a neck pillow you cover two out of the five. You can improve and maintain your spine as well as get a good night’s sleep.

The body does a lot of its maintenance and repair when it’s at rest WHEN YOU GO TO BED! A neck pillow has a neck roll that helps preserve and improve the natural C-curve of the neck. Your brain is the main control center and off of that stems the spinal cord and then off of that comes the nerves. You were created with curves in the spine that keep the cord relaxed and allow for the best flow of nervous system messages. Oh yeah, your brain and spinal cord are protected by bone, that’s how important they are! Just using a neck pillow like the Cervical Linear Traction Pillow will automatically improve your health.

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