"I hurt My Neck Working Out..."

In today's day and age, it seems that all the workouts are very intense. You have heard of the intense work outs such as p90x, Insanity, or BootCamp Training- they all appear to be very physically tough. The chances of becoming injured are greater. There are times when we strain our necks or backs. Safety is key; and I'm not saying these workouts are not safe, they are. If you notice the instructors all preach safety. We all know from doing exercise, if you hurt yourself then you can't work out for days or even weeks.

That being said, one of the most common injuries we see is a neck or back one. Think of it, you're pushing yourself to do another 5 reps of your last set of abs. Your neck was hurting a bit, but you wanted to push through the pain. The next day you wake up, barely able to move your neck. What Happened? You may have pushed it too much and strained your neck!

Now, not only can you not work out for awhile, but you have to deal with pain constantly.

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