Neck Pain - Speedy Relief...

A lot of people call to purchase a pillow or relief product but also want help getting some relief now without popping a pill. My advice is a list of a few things. Not every one works for every body; not to mention, everyone's situation, or particular pain may be slightly different.

Solutions for Speedy Neck Pain Relief
Here we go: #1 - Muscle massage. This will depend slightly on where your pain is, but trigger point massage gives the quickest relief. Get on those knots (or trigger points) hold for 7-10 seconds and move to the next spot. You can repeat as much as you want.

#2 - Neck stretches. Hold a stretch for 10-20 seconds, only go as far as you can and repeat a few times. 1 extra tip: do trigger point massage while in a stretched position too.

#3 - An ice pack. Ice the particular sore are for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off.

Try these quick relief tips. When your traction pillow comes in, or other relief and posture product, you'll will be more able to adjust.

Additional Resources:

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