Buy Combination Traction Pillow Sets on Arc4life Now

Buy the arc4life traction pillows in sets with dust covers
One of our most effective pillows for a patient with a herniated disc, bulging disc, pinched nerve in the neck or numbness and tingling is the arc4life traction pillows. You can now buy them with a dust covers and in combination sets:

Another peculiar request we have been getting a lot of is to order one medium, and one large pillow. So now you can buy this on arc4life as well. I guess our customers and patients want to try out both sizes.
Finally, you now have the option of purchasing two of each pillow + two dust covers

  • 2 medium arc4life cervical traction pillow + 2 medium dust covers
  • 2 large arc4life cervical traction pillow +2  large dust covers

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