New Dietary Guidelines For Your Health

I wanted to do a post on this because I thought it was interesting.  Your diet is a major factor in you health.  Whether it's pain relief or not it's too important to ignore.  After all may will pass away having no pain at all, or at least until those final moments...

You've all heard it before: "He was so healthy...and then this happened..."

These guidelines are something to consider but make your own decisions when it comes to your health.

Let's review the recent guidelines:

  1. Limits on Sugar - This one they got right, sugar is responsible for many heath issues, especially those fake added ones.
  2. Salt limits - like usual, this one is actually off. Our bodies are actually made of salt and water; enough said!
  3. Eat Less Meat - maybe these days since they feed our animals so many drugs.  If that's what they're talking about, get more grass-fed.
  4. Limits on Caffeine - Awwwww; they say it's involved in many problems, but not really.  I actually have read probably just as many things showing that really isn't true.
  5. Role of the Environment - unfortunately we spay everything with chemicals, put it in our water, animals excrete all those drugs, and we grow stuff that we eat???
All that being said - try to eat more organic, eat less sugar, avoid chemicals.  This is the world we live in - do your best and and you'll be better for it.

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