Ear Flow With Aligning The Neck

Did you know that aligning the neck spine may help ear flow? Do you often feel like water gets stuck in your ear? Do you suffer or have you suffered from ear infections? Do you get ear PAIN? If you do then water may be getting stuck. 

When this happens you mat be poking and prodding the each leaving you a greater chance of pain or problems. When DD Palmer discovered the power of the first real chiropractic adjustment, it actually had to do with the ear. Talk about ear flow; a man by the name of Harvey Lillard had lost his hearing when an adjustment opened thing up, and he could hear again...

Think of the sinuses much the same way. If you have misalignments in the spine, more specifically the upper neck, The sinuses and sinus pathways won't be as open and free flowing as they should.

For me, I will often feel the ear channels open up when I do neck traction, putting the normal -C- alignment back in the neck.  Be careful not to jam was in the ear by pushing in further with a Q-tip.  If you have too, take a trip to your doctor's.  They can look in the ear with their scope to see if wax is blocking the passage.

Lastly, using a pillow like the traction pillow will not only help restore neck alignment, it will keep you from sleeping on a painful ear.

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