Are Carbonated Beverages Bad For You?...

The reason I thought of this is because I hear there may be some competition between the 'Sodastream' company and 'Green Mountain'.  'Sodastream' is the company who has been doing it and the Keurig machines may soon do it to.

The answer to: "Are Carbonated Beverages Bad For You?" is NO.  You may have heard that they contribute to leaching of calcium and other minerals from the bones; but that's not really true.  Now we know soda definitely isn't good for you.  It's carbonated, but that's not the problem.  It's the very high sugar content.

Now is it good to drink carbonated drinks all the time - I would't... It's like any thing else - drink in moderation.  I would drink flat water most of the time, when you are given the opportunity.

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