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May/ June 2007
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  1. Article- Mild brain injuries linked to sleep disorders
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  4. Featured Product on Arc4life.com- Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000 with $5 dollar discount code attached

Hello everyone! Welcome to Arc4Life’s Healthy Sleep- the online newsletter to help you with neck or back pain, proper posture, and sleeping comfortably. Get health tips for how to reduce pain, sleep better, and maintain a healthy spine.

  1. Article - Mild brain injuries linked to sleep disorders
    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Experiencing a mild traumatic brain injury may increase the risk of developing a sleep disorder, and a good portion of these appear to be based on disturbances in the body's normal circadian rhythm, according to the results of a new study.
    "As many as 40 to 65 percent of patients with minor traumatic brain injury complain of insomnia," Dr. L. Ayalon, of the University of California, San Diego, and colleagues write in the medical journal Neurology.
    In a small study of patients with minor traumatic brain injury, who were also suffering from insomnia, Ayalon's team found that about one third of the patients had circadian rhythm sleep disorders.
    The researchers examined the physiologic and behavioral characteristics related to circadian rhythm in 42 patients who sustained mild traumatic brain injuries and were having problems with insomnia.
    Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are disturbances in the 24-hour sleep and wake cycle, which may be related to abnormalities in neurological mechanisms or triggered by changes in an individual's schedule.
    The subjects underwent a variety of tests, including melatonin and temperature measurements, and imaging tests. They were also evaluated overnight in a sleep laboratory and completed a questionnaire to determine the time of day they felt the most awake, or their "circadian preference."
    Fifteen of the 42 patients (36 percent) were diagnosed with a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Eight subjects had a delayed sleep phase syndrome and seven had an irregular sleep-wake pattern.
    All eight patients with delayed sleep phase syndrome had a 24-hour regular temperature rhythm, but only four patients with irregular sleep-wake patterns displayed a similar daily rhythm.
    Patients in the irregular sleep-wake pattern group also had a smaller range of 24-hour temperature rhythm compared with those in the delayed sleep phase syndrome group. The authors note that the patients described their wake-sleep patterns that fit the clinical diagnosis they received. For example, the majority of patients diagnosed with delayed sleep phase syndrome rated themselves as "definitely an evening type," usually an indication of delayed sleep phase syndrome, Ayalon's team reports.
    Conversely, patients diagnosed with an irregular sleep-wake pattern tended to classify themselves as "neither evening nor morning type," which "is most compatible with the irregular sleep-wake pattern, which lacks a clear circadian rhythm of sleep-wake cycle."
    SOURCE: Neurology, April 2007.

  2. Inspirational Quote

    “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”- e. e. cummings

  3. Inspirational Story
    A Million Dollar Lesson by: Petey Parker, Heart At Work
    A cab driver taught me a million dollar lesson in customer satisfaction and expectation. Motivational speakers charge thousands of dollars to impart his kind of training to corporate executives and staff. It cost me a $12 taxi ride.
    I had flown into Dallas for the sole purpose of calling on a client. Time was of the essence and my plan included a quick turnaround trip from and back to the airport. A spotless cab pulled up. The driver rushed to open the passenger door for me and made sure I was comfortably seated before he closed the door. As he got in the driver's seat, he mentioned that the neatly folded Wall Street Journal next to me was for my use. He then showed me several tapes and asked me what type of music I would enjoy. Well! I looked around for a "Candid Camera!" Wouldn't you? I could not believe the service I was receiving! I took the opportunity to say, "Obviously you take great pride in your work. You must have a story to tell."
    "You bet," he replied, "I used to be in Corporate America. But I got tired of thinking my best would never be good enough. I decided to find my niche in life where I could feel proud of being the best I could be. I knew I would never be a rocket scientist, but I love driving cars, being of service and feeling like I have done a full day's work and done it well. I evaluate my personal assets and... wham! I became a cab driver. One thing I know for sure, to be good in my business I could simply just meet the expectations of my passengers. But, to be GREAT in my business, I have to EXCEED the customer's expectations! I like both the sound and the return of being 'great' better than just getting by on 'average'"
    Did I tip him big time? You bet! Corporate America's loss is the traveling folk's friend!
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    Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

    How does the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000 WORK ?

    The Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000carefully lifts and separates the neck and back joints in a unique way. Traction, hanging devices, massage units, vibrators, special pillows and regular exercise cannot. Special expanding air cells angled into the spine activate the "bellows or sponge-like" function of the discs, producing a warm, relaxed feeling through the neck and back. Patented up and down motion reinforces the spine's natural "c" curve shape and promotes joint lubrication, joint nutrition, flexibility and the correct posture.

    Who Does the Cervical Traction Posture Pump benefit ?
    Anyone who works on the computer for long periods. These people carry a forward Head Carriage which puts a lot of pressure on the cervical spine. It is the the most common cause of neck and upper back fatigue and tension. It is for anyone who drives a great deal and has to deal with the stress of driving for long periods. Also for anyone who is constantly in a Forward-Flexed Position. These foward flexed head postions force the natural curve out of the neck and promote poor posture. Side-Flexed Neck Positions also can cause stiffness and spasm. Especially when you fall asleep on the couch. Finally for any person who spends a lot of time on the telephone.

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Jodee, 2/18/2007

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