Neck Pain Relief...the Total Package

We often get emails and telephone calls from desperate customers who are having moderate to severe neck pain. Usually there is a handful of products that we will suggest. Products that can be used during the day, at work, at home and at night. In the last month, we have created our neck pain relief care package and it includes the following products, all from our website Arc4life.com. Here is what is included in this Neck Pain Relief Package. If you are interested in purchasing this package, just visit our website here: Arc4life's Total Neck Pain Relief Package

The Neck Pain Relief Package

  • Cervical Traction Neck Pillow
    This is best selling neck pillow in our website. It will help you traction your neck while you sleep;
    This pillow allows your neck to the be in the proper c-curve position while you are sleeping. We often say that the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow goes to work while you sleep.
  • Cervical Traction Posture Pump
    The Cervical Traction Posture Pump carefully lifts and separates the neck and back joints in a unique way. Traction, hanging devices, massage units, vibrators, special pillows and regular exercise cannot. Special expanding air cells angled into the spine activate the "bellows or sponge-like" function of the discs, producing a warm, relaxed feeling through the neck and back. Patented up and down motion reinforces the spine's natural "c" curve shape and promotes joint lubrication, joint nutrition, flexibility and the correct posture. Cervical Traction POSTURE PUMP® 1000 is a huge breakthrough for those people who suffer from being in positions that are not comfortable. These uncomfortable postions cause muscle stiffness, tension and neck fatigue. These body positions force the spine out of its natural shape, causing abnormal joint movement and loss of joint lubrication. Particularly in the Cervical spine,which should have a "c" curve in it. When joints are dry, they wear unevenly, age faster and create stiffness and discomfort. Spending just minutes on the Cervical Traction POSTURE PUMP® 1000 allows you to shape and lubricate the neck and back.
  • Formula 303 Muscle Relaxer
    Natural Relief For Muscle Spasm, Tension and Stress- HomeoPathic Formula for Muscle Spasm, Neck and Back Pain. Ingredients include Valerian Root, Magnesium and Passion Flower.
  • 9x16 Ice/Heat Pack

    This Hot and Cold Pack provides relief from strains, sprains, tendonitis and other injuries. Unique strapping system securely fastens anywhere on these hot and cold packs. The non-toxic gel is biodegradable and retains therapeutic temperatures longer. Soft, plush "frost-free" cover protects your skin. You can Store it in the freezer- it stays soft and pliable. Heat in microwave.
  • BioFreeze Natural Pain Relieving Gel- Cryotherapy
    Biofreeze is a natural pain relieving gel that can be used anytime you have neck pain, stiffness or achiness. has an ingredient called Ilex (a South American holly scrub that was used by the Paraguay Indians) to help decrease pain Biofreeze is a type of cryotherapy that has been shown to help decrease the aches & pains of daily life.
    Cryotherapy works by creating a cooling sensation that is transmitted through the nerve endings to the brain. It transmits at speeds faster than most pain sensations or warming sensations. Biofreeze allows blood to continue to flow to the area so that it can be naturally repaired.
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