Chronic Dizziness - an annoying health condition

Recently my good friend M.J. came to me with a condition of dizziness that has been going on for about a year. The dizziness started after a plane trip in October 2006-and ever since that time he has has been dealing with this very annoying symptom. He said that this dizziness affects all facets of his life. He has tried chiropractic which has helped but this has not been a permanent solution. He has tried using peroxide to dissolve excess ear wax (sometimes a build up of wax can cause dizziness and balanced issues). He has changed his diet: he has cut out of his diet: caffeine, foods with preservatives/ additives, and alcohol as much as possible. However, the dizziness continues still and the year mark is coming up. At one point he thought he may have Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, and therefore did excercises called the BRANDT-DAROFF EXERCISES. MJ also states that as of recent his stomach has been giving him problems and that he has not been regular going to the bathroom like he has been in the past.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what caused this dizziness. MJ states that he has been to his PCP- the Dr suggested it may be due to a virus. There was no outer ear problems, no build up of ear wax. His Chiropractor has given him good advice and after he gets treated there he feels good for a while.

The symptoms have come and gone (he was vey dizzy the day after the initial plane trip, but then slowly became tolrable) but symptoms have recently been slightly worse than usual along with more stomach pains. He is currently persuing some ways to improve gut and stomach health to see if this makes more of a difference.

I'll keep everyone updated next time I hear from him.

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