Thank Goodness the Holidays are over ! Onward to 2008

Today I had a few patients say to me "Thank Goodness the Holidays are over"... It appears that for many, the holidays are a time of stress. Gift buying & giving, cooking, overeating, eating too many sweets, dealing with difficult people- all these are reasons for people to be stressed out during the holiday season. Well now that 2008 is here, and the christmas decorations and trees are finally coming down, we can all take a deep breath and relax. Take time out to relax, take care of your body, take care of your health. Write down goals for 2008 that you want to accomplish. The key word here is "write". Include in this goal list the following categories:

  • Personal goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Thing Goals

Also important is to write down steps that you will take to accomplish these goals. Make them realistic. So for example-
A personal goal for you may be to lose 10 lbs- Well write down an action step to accomplish this. Make it realistic. For example: to walk 10 minutes day every day for 3-4 days. Don't make goals that are out of reach. These can easily derail you in achieving your goals.

Work on your Goal List.... ReVisit this Goal List regularly- perhaps weekly or monthly. You will notice that your thoughts and goals will change and you will be amazed at how many and how quickly your goals will be accomplished. One of the main reasons for revisiting your goals regularly is too keep them fresh in your mind.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2008- may all your goals be realized and more.

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