Our Cervical Traction Neck Pillow makes it to Banglore India!!!!

Well, It took approximately 21 days to get there via the Trusted Post Office. We love when we can help someone with neck pain all the way to India.
I ordered the neck pillow as i have chronic muscle spasms and my x-ray is identical to the image on the little booklet that came with the pillow. I received the traction pillow yesterday and tried it last night. I found it extremely comfortable and had no issues falling asleep. i worked out in the gym yesterday and usually the day after im in a lot of pain i have had this problem for nearly a year now and have found no relief other than maybe using emu oil and NSAID's. I had a pleasant nights sleep and when i woke up i didn't feel any discomfort or stiffness. It really works and i dont think i'll ever want to part with it. I want to order 2 more for people with the similar problem in my family.Thanks

Faiz Rezwan, 03/01/2008 Banglore, India

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