How Driving A Truck can be Cause for Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain

A Truck driver can experience lower back and neck painDriving a Truck is a tough job- one that is physically demanding on the body. The fact that you sitting continuously is stressful on your neck and lower back area. This prolonged sitting, long hours without proper sleep, constant vibration and sometimes poor diet while on the road can make the case for poor health. Coincide that with a pre-existing condition in your neck and back area, may be aggravating one’s symptoms even further. So what are some things that a truck driver can do to maintain good health while on the road?

You may have to change the way you are working- for example, maybe lower or raise the truck seat, and use a lumbar cushion on your back to get the proper lordosis. Sometimes, your vehicle seat also has a built in lumbar support that you can inflate.

If you are doing heavy lifting make sure you are wearing a lumbar support belt to protect your lower back area.

Make sure you have a good head rest when you are driving as well. Even using a towel roll or Jackson Roll can aid in making sure you have good posture in your neck while driving.

Before starting a days work, stretch your neck and lower back area. Getting our joints and muscles warmed up before any activity can prevent major injuries later on. Truck driving is not just sitting for prolonged periods of time- the job description involves much more. There is a lot of heavy lifting, loading and unloading the trailer, yanking on certain parts of the truck like chains, and getting into and out of the truck which can be physically demanding on the body. Most people who are truck drivers are in good shape, but overall there is a lot of wear and tear on the body. There is a lot of bending, twisting and lifting involved.

An exercise program may be beneficial especially with the long hours with no activity that stresses the joints and body. Simply getting outside and walking after a few hours of driving can make a big difference. There are other treatments to try as well such as: chiropractic, massage therapy, Acupuncture, Physical therapy, traction for the neck/lower back - maybe even aquatic therapy.

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