Sleeping Comfortably when You Have Neck and Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing neck and lower back pain you know that it can be very difficult to get into a comfortable position for sleeping. In fact, you may find yourself tossing and turning for most of the night. You may even have tried sleeping on different mattresses, chairs, using different pillows and positions. So what can you do finally get some deep sound sleep?

The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow By Arc4life for Relief of Neck PainUsing a cervical support neck pillow (one with an indentation in the middle) can make a big difference. For example, Arc4life’s cervical traction neck pillow is a good cervical support pillow especially for neck pain relief. This neck pillow has two sides to it- a support side and a traction side. The traction side with give your head a gentle lift while sleeping and keep your head and neck in the proper position for sleeping. This cervical traction neck pillow is not going to be hard like the tempurpedic pillow- and it is not going to be soft like a feather pillow. It is called a cervical support neck pillow because it supports your head and neck in the most natural position.

Sleeping on your Back or on your Side for Relief of Lower Back PainAlso, sleeping with pillows placed under your knees will help the lower back pain ease. You can buy fancy positioning products such as a knee elevator.
This position of sleeping will decrease the pressure placed on the lower back muscles and bones. IF you sleep on your side, take a pillow and put it in between your knees. For sleeping on your side you can try the spinal relief pillow: perfect for placing in between your legs when sleeping on your side.

Also, using a heating pad on your neck and lower back will help to decrease pain and calm the muscles down.

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