How to get rid of foot and leg pain after standing all day?

One of my friends works at Nordstroms- all day she stands at the cash register or is putting stuff nicely on the displays- thats her job- stand, walk, stand, stand some more. So you can imagine that at the end of day she is going to be having pain in her feet and legs. Multiply that 1 day by 5- and she may be experiencing some major pains. What can she do for this foot and leg pain...well i have some ideas for pain relief:

Get fitted for orthotics- they can make such a big difference in your stance and the way you walk. They will make sure you have the proper arches in your feet, thus helping your posture. Foot orthotics allow the muscles, tendons & bones of the feet and lower legs to function at the best that they possibly can. They will help to decrease pain that you have associated with standing for prolonged periods of time.

You can get fitted at your chiropractors office for custom orthotics- insurance will cover it as well sometimes. The chiropractor has to fit your for these orthotics and they do this with a special mold of your feet. Alternately, you can also purchase a generic version at a pharmacy--but they won't be as effective or last as long.

Also at the end of the day take a tennis ball and massage the bottom of your foot. You can do this sitting. Sit on comfortable surface. Put the tennis ball on the floor and put your foot on top- then roll the ball with your foot along the tendons. This will help give you a good stretch of the foot tendons and muscles as well.

Foot Massager for Aching Feet and Legs
Alternately, you can also get a home foot massager. The Jeanie Foot Rub Massager is specifically designed for aching feet and legs. There are two speeds: a soothing low speed or an invigorating high speed massage for your feet. This foot massager is great for temporary discomforts or chronic conditions.

Well my friend continues to work but with some relief now- standing at a job is extremely tough on the body, but with a little extra effort we can make it more relaxing and less painful.

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