Natural Pain Relief for the Knee

Chronic knee pain can be caused by an arthritic condition such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic Knee pain can also result post trauma, such as a past knee injury. Knee pain can be brought on by temperature changes outside, a rigorous workout such as kick boxing or even running. It can affect how well you are able to move around and simple things as standing to do the dishes can become quite a chore. What are some things that you can do for your knee pain naturally?

  • Slow moving martial arts called Tai Chi has been found to be a natural pain relief technique that is can decrease chronic knee pain. In fact, a new Tufts University study found that practicing tai chi for 12 weeks eased the pain of greater than 75% of people with chronic knee pain.
  • Use a topical analgesic gel such as Ibunex that contains Ibuprofen. Ibunex contains a combination of glucosamine and ibuprofen which works together to relieve chronic knee pain and delays the progression of osteoarthritis.
  • Use positioning products to make yourself more comfortable creating less stress on the knee joint. For example, use a leg spacer between your legs while sleeping (on your side) or a knee elevator (while sleeping on your back) under your legs. Positioning your knees in a position of maximum relief can allow for better circulation
  • If you are active and want to have extra knee support consider using a knee support- one that provides warms and mild compression. Try to use an elastic knee support as opposed to neoprene because elastic webbing acts like a muscle in that it stretches and contracts easily to conform to your body shape. It also provides constant pull or tension. Similar to a muscle so that you cannot overstretch your joints. If you suffer from chronic knee pain and use a knee support- use an elastic knee brace or an x-back elastic knee brace.

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