Can Poor Posture Lead to a Loss of Height?

“My doctor examined me this year and it looks like I’m an inch or two shorter, how is that possible?” “I’ve had poor posture, forward head especially for some time, but over the years I’ve never noticed I lost height.”

The statement above is more common than we think. Over time, poor posture means more pressure on the discs in our spine. Those discs are between every bone of the spine and actually make up 1/3 the height of your spine. Because of this, losing a little height from each disc can make a change of your height significant.

Also misalignments are a root cause. Misalignment are either created by poor posture or actually force you into poor posture. The normal spine alignment keeps you upright and tall; someone with a scoliosis automatically loses some height just because of a curve in their spine. Not to mention, when their are misalignments or shifts the disks are not held in place as well which leads to nerve pressure and degeneration (flattening and bulging of the disc).

Prevent disc degeneration and flattening of your discs by using a good neck pillow, the posture corrector for the upper and mid back, and a back rest for the lumbar spine.

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