The Right Neck Pillow For Support

First let’s describe what a neck pillow is. A Neck Pillow is a special pillow designed to give you adequate neck support when you sleep. It may come in various shapes and sizes and made out of many different types of material.

Our most successful pillow for people is our Cervical Traction Neck Pillow. This pillow is made out of a synthetic fiber. It’s not too hard like sometimes foam pillows are, not too soft like a down or feather pillow, but just right. It has a built in neck roll with slightly more fiber to hold support in the neck.

This neck roll is the key ingredient to a good neck pillow. It’s this neck roll that will maintain the proper neck curvature as well as improve it. This is important because keeping your best neck alignment ensures that the nerves in the neck are free from pressure and therefore keeps you pain free.

The traction pillow also has a built in “V” which allows for gentle neck traction and prevents you from moving around too much at night. The traction helps open up those nerve holes slightly giving additional nerve pressure release.

This pillow is also essentially 2 pillows in 1 because if you rotate it 180 degrees you have the Linear Gravity Pillow side. This side consists of only the neck roll and not the “V”.

The Linear Gravity Pillow is our 2nd most popular and comes in a small, medium, and large size whereas the Traction Pillow only comes in the medium or standard size. If you are over 6’2” we recommend the large; if under 5’1” we recommend the Linear Gravity small neck pillow.

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