Why Didn’t my Doctor tell me my Neck has no Curve

At this point I’ve seen numerous patients who had neck s-rays requested by their MD. They were sent to the radiology center or the imaging floor of the hospital.

What typically takes place is the films are taken and a radiologist reads them. The doctor then looks at his report and makes his diagnosis. At the hospital they are mainly looking for major, life-threatening findings: fractures, cancer, etc … When spinal shifts are spotted they are often neglected or sometimes overlooked.

More and more nowadays radiologists and MD’s have learned the importance and significance of spinal misalignments. However, I still find that many patients are not being made aware of these findings and told everything looks ok.

Spinal misalignments are significant! Especially a complete loss of your neck curvature or a reversal of the curvature. However, chiropractor, physical therapist, or physiatrist can often even detect possible alignment issues through posture analysis, ranges of motion, or palpation.

Keep in mind that your MD doesn’t actually read your x-rays, he’s got many other things to do, and doesn’t have the time. The radiologist reads the x-rays and will send the report to your MD. So there often can be some subjectivity when the pictures are read as well as the report. Also, when I say your MD I’m referring to your primary care doctor. Radiologists are MD’s too, and if your doctor is a specialist; orthopedist, neurologist, or D.C. for example, they often read the images themselves as well.

In conclusion, take charge of your own health. Spinal shifts are not normal and you shouldn’t be told everything’s fine when there are significant abnormalities. An inadequate or abnormal neck curve is a big one, and shouldn’t be discounted anyway.

Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2010 ! - NJ

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