Can I Get My Traction Pillow In A Smaller Size?

Arc4life's cervical linear traction neck pillow is one of the most popular neck pillows on the market today. It helps with a variety of symptoms such as neck pain, neck ache, stiff neck, herniated disc, bulging disc- it provides for a more comfortable and quality sleep.

The traction pillow really only comes in a medium or standard size. The dimensions are 20 inches by 26 inches. Well I won’t say that any longer, we now also offer a large size traction pillow (21"x33") too. Unfortunately it does not come in a small because to make the “V” section we need more room and space for material. If someone is shorter than about 5’1” or has a very short neck we recommend the linear gravity small pillow. If someone is taller than 6’2” the large traction or large linear gravity may be a better support.

That being said, the majority will find that the standard size traction pillow will be the right fit for them. If for some reason it’s uncomfortable at first, start using the other side which is the support side.

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