Looking At My Posture: Advanced.

Looking At My Posture: Advanced.

A great way to analyze your posture is take a picture with a digital camera. It’s easy to look at your anterior-posterior posture in the mirror. Your lateral posture is more difficult to visualize. A picture with a camera works great. A standing x-ray is even better because it will show exactly what your spine looks like. If spine is shifted your posture will be shifted.

Another method is to look at picture already taken. Break out those family photos from last Christmas and look at your posture, you’ll learn a lot.

A tip to get your actual posture is to close your eyes, march in place a couple times, then relax and open your eyes while looking in the mirror or have someone take your picture. With your eyes open looking at your posture you will try to correct yourself without even knowing it. Another option is to just close your eyes and shake out your body. Basically, what I mean is to jiggle around, loosening up, and then stop where you think is straight.

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