Diary of A Neck Pain Sufferer

2000- Julie is a normal working mom with 3 kids, a loving husband, good job, and happy life.

2001- Chronic neck pain seemed to start in the beginning of the year, by the end of this year work becoming more difficult.

2002- Symptoms have gotten worse. Missed a lot of work due to sick days and doctors visits. Gave up coaching her daughter’s basketball team.

2005- After seeing her primary doctor, orthopedist, physical therapist, and chiropractor she still isn’t better and is starting to get depressed.

2006- Julie ends up leaving her job because it seems to aggravate her pain. She has also given up most of her leisure activities because she either can’t enjoy them anymore or just plain can’t do them without neck pain.

2007-2008- Financial strain due to not working and all the doctors visits, not to mention every other treatment or medication she could try.

Don’t let this be you!

Get after your neck pain right from the get-go. Start by getting a good neck pillow and finding good doctors or therapists that listen and that support you. The same holds true for family and friends, get a support team together that will help.

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