Getting Rid of Neck Pain: Develop a Wellness Plan

Make a plan to end your pain and suffering. This should start with research into your condition. Listen to your doctors, but this doesn’t mean you have to accept their diagnoses or treatment. For example, their treatment may include strong medications that mask your problem and not necessarily something that addresses the cause of your neck pain.  For the short term, pain medication or muscle relaxers may help, but be careful on taking anything long term.
Also, essential to your plan of attack is to have a support team in place. This may include family, friends, therapists, doctors, etc … Not only can you learn from the experiences and knowledge of your support group you need them for encouragement, support, and friendship.

Make your environment conducive to healing as well. What exactly does this mean? This refers to your surroundings- air, water, sunshine, what you’re eating, work environment. Make sure things are healthy, low-stress, non-toxic …

When it comes to getting rid of neck pain you really have to play a vital role in taking care of yourself. Remember that most healing comes from inside-out and not outside-in like a pill or drug. Medications may help, but they are often a very small piece to the puzzle of it all.

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