Neck Pillow Success Story #137

Sara had been suffering with neck pain for over 4 weeks. She tried a number of different pillows and neck pillows to help relieve her neck pain. It wasn’t until she tried the cervical linear traction pillow that she awoke for the first time in weeks with no neck pain.

Some people, like Sara, may get results almost immediately, others it may take some time. In this individual’s case, she has tried neck pillows before and she has also seen a chiropractor. So, for Sara, it will be able to adjust to a new neck pillow or neck roll.

For a customer that has never used a neck pillow or neck roll, he or she may have some neck soreness when they first start using the traction pillow. It will also depend on the severity and amount of time of their condition.

So, in a lot of cases, people will take to this pillow right away, but it is also completely normal to have soreness in the beginning with this neck pillow too. In fact soreness or feeling good are both good signs that change is occurring. People with neck pain that are the same day after day is often a sign it will take longer to fix the pain.

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