Useful Tips For Living A Long, Healthy, Pain Free Life!

There are many amazing benefits to living a healthier lifestyle; more energy, less stress, less pain, weight loss, and a sense of accomplishment for achieving your fitness goals. However, by altering your lifestyle to a more healthful one you can also help increase your longevity and vitality throughout your life. Here are a few easy steps that can have amazing benefits both in the short and long run:

1. Get more Vitamin D! Studies show that high levels of Vitamin D can help to prevent risk of the leading cause of death in the United States: heart disease. You can get more Vitamin D in your diet, with foods like fish, mushrooms, milk, or you can buy a supplement to take daily. But best of all - get out in the sun!

2. Exercise more. It’s a common suggestion, and an important one. Exercise can help us lose weight, tone our muscles, and increase our endurance, but studies also show that maintained physical activity throughout life can make us at less of a risk for age-related diseases later in life. Exercise keeps our joints in motion which especially helps reduce neck, back or spine pain. This also means reduced risk for chronic diseases, heart surgery, and cognitive impairments, so keep up that exercise routine!

3. Give yoga type exercises a try. It’s a great way to get exercise to become a part of your daily routine, but there’s another great benefit too. Yoga has been found to reduce chronic inflammation, which is associated with heart disease and certain forms of arthritis. Regular yoga practice has shown a reduction in inflammation response to stressful situations, creating a healthier response to stress overall.

4. Workout your brain! Physical fitness throughout life is important, but mental fitness is just as important. By keeping your brain mentally stimulated on a regular basis you can help maintain your memory and cognitive skills as you age. So keeping yourself busy with things like reading, writing, crosswords and other games and puzzles will keep your brain active throughout life.

5. Maintain healthy relationships. People are social creatures, and having strong relationships with our friends, family, and kids can help with overall happiness. But studies also show that keeping these relationships strong throughout life leads to overall better health.

With these tips, you’ll have the building blocks to living a long and pain-free life. But it’s important to remember that to truly get the benefits, you must be persistent with these steps. Once these healthy lifestyle tips are become habit, you’ll be sure to stick with them for the rest of your life.

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