Can My Neck Also Be Causing My Jaw Pain?

Your neck may be the cause of your jaw pain. We don’t always connect the dots on this one, but the fact is, basically everything in the body is connected. It’s easy to think of the neck spine connected to the back because it’s a series of vertebrae or spinal bones stacked on one another.

In this case, your cranium or skull connects to the top of the spine, the jaw connects to the head. We call this the TMJ or temperomandibular joint. The temporal bone and the mandible (lower jaw bone) join to form your TMJ.

When we shift the neck it will shift the head, therefore this joint will be altered. The way the muscles lay will be altered too. Just like any other area of the body, like our upper back and neck, imbalances in the muscles will pull a bone out of place too. As a matter of fact, if you have jaw pain, feel around your TMJ (you can feel it on the side of your cheek when you open and close the mouth), I betcha there are tight and tender spots in the muscle. You will also have tight spots in the neck, guaranteed.

Putting your cervical spine in correct alignment will help balance the muscles and align your jaw also. Massaging the muscles of the jaw will help quite a bit, but the problem will often return until you work on your neck.

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