Ouch! I knew I screwed up my neck!

Could your episode of neck pain been avoided? Probably, right! Now we've got neck pain, how can we get pain relief?

If it's severe pain use ice to decrease the neck pain and inflammation. 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off works best, and try to do this a few times during the day or night.

Also use muscle massage and any topical pain relief gels like biofreeze are good to have around.

The best thing to do is prevent a neck pain episode from happening in the first place. So next time you know something may strain your neck, try to avoid it. Sometimes this is impossible however. So the next best thing is to have neck pain relief products on hand.

Some of my top picks are as follows:
  1. the cervical traction neck pillow
  2. ice and heat packs
  3. the back nobber
  4. a tens unit
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