The Secret to Your Best Sleep
Hint: Neck Position

Sleeping on Your Back can Prevent
 Neck and Back Pain
A recent CNN article entitled “what is the healthiest sleeping position” highlights the best position for sleeping- and not just for comfort. The best position for sleeping is on ones back. It prevents neck pain, and lower back pain. By sleeping in the right position, you can align the C-curve in your cervical spine properly. Having a proper neck pillow can make a big difference. The Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow has a neck roll on one side. The other side with a “V” provides gentle neck traction as one lays on his or her back. This contoured neck pillow can provide tremendous relief for someone with degeneration in the neck spine, arthritis, a disc herniation or symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the hands or the arms.

Sleeping on one’s back can also prevent lower back pain because you can place a positioning wedge under the knees. This simple placement of a positioning roll (composed of fiber or foam) can give relief of lower back pain, sciatica and other lower back conditions. This position of sleeping on the back can take time to get used to but in the long run, it is beneficial for many reasons.

Believe it or not there are other benefits of sleeping on one’s back. It can help to reduce acid reflux. Elevation of the head is important because your stomach will be below the esophagus. So acid or food doesn’t come back up.

Finally, it reduces the wrinkles on your face. Who knew that sleeping on your back, can help with your looks too !! With nothing pushing up against your face- you wont’ wake up with wrinkles and can prevent them in the long run as well.

Source: What is the healthiest sleeping position?, CNN.com

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