My Neck X-Ray Shows Zero Curve in my Neck…Can A Neck Pillow Help Me?

Military Neck 

When we have loss of our cervical curve, a neck pillow alone may not correct this issue but it WILL help. This is precisely what a neck pillow does. It helps to support, maintain, and correct alignment.

Oftentimes your medical doctor or the radiologist reading your radiograph may not mention loss of curvature. If there is no tumor, fracture, etc., this may not be addressed. This is why your chiropractor or osteopath may take their own x-rays. Keep in mind that your primary care doctor often just reads a report the radiologist sends him.

With a lost cervical curvature, problems such as neck pain or strain will occur. Things may feel fine now but you better believe someone with a lost cervical curvature will have problems before someone with a normal neck spine. 

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