What to LOOK for When choosing a neck pillow...

Choosing a neck pillow can be hard to do. It can be a decision that may not come as easy as you think. Especially if you have a difficult time sleeping at night or suffer with neck pain.

Here's the top 10 factors to look at when choosing a pillow:
  • Size of the Pillow
  • What is the pillow made out of?
  • How much support does it offer
  • Is there a neck roll?
  • Is it Adjustable?
  • Is it Comfortable?
  • What Sleeping position works best for this pillow?
  • How Firm is the pillow?
  • How long does it last? When Will You have to Replace it?
  • What does the pillow Cost?

Source: Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Neck Pillow

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