Is it Normal For there To Be An Adjustment Period With Using a New Cervical Pillow?

Using a new pillow at night?
Is is normal for there to be an adjustment period for using a new neck pillow? I recently received this question from a customer who had ordered the tri core orthopedic neck pillow. The short answer is YES. This is normal. When you use a new pillow, you are engaging different muscles for sleeping both on your back and on your side. Different neck muscles that you are not used to using. So just like exercising for the first time, your neck may be sore.

For anyone who experiences chronic neck pain, has a lot of sensitivity in their neck, or has other symptoms associated with neck pain such as numbness and tingling or shooting pains, then Yes, there can be an adjustment period with using a new pillow. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks to get used to a new pillow. Sometimes longer. For some lucky people there is no adjustment period.

Usually a new pillow has cervical rolls on it that help to align the cervical spine. These special pillows are better to use then your average fluffy pillow you would buy at the local department store. The main reason is that it aligns your neck spine while you sleep. With long time use, this will help you maintain good spinal alignment and prevent neck pain and stiff neck.

If you do have neck pain or a lot of sensitivity in your neck, then just use your neck pillow for a small amount of time to start. For example, lets say you purchased a basic cervical support pillow because you have occasional neck pain. Here is how you would start getting used to your pillow: Start by sleeping on your pillow for 20-25 minutes and then use the regular pillow that you have been using. The next night, sleep on your new support pillow for a few minutes longer, maybe up to 30 minutes. The next night, try 40 minutes. This process can help you get accustomed to a new orthopedic pillow.

Also, if you do wake up with pain, here are some things you can do to ease the neck pain: take a hot shower in the morning, and do some gentle neck stretches while in the shower. Also during the day, use a hot pack with or without a tens unit for 10-15 minutes.

If you recently purchased a new neck pillow and have any questions on how to use it, send us an email.

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