Why Does the Arc4life Neck Traction Pillow Work so Well?

There are two big components to the arc4life cervical traction neck pillow. The first one is the neck roll. This helps to improve ones cervical curvature while back sleeping. On your side the pillow keeps your head level, in other words, keeps your spine straight when looking at it from the front or back. When viewing the neck spine from the side you have the perfect c curve.

Keeping a c curvature in the neck or cervical spine is important. This keeps pressure off of nerves. You may think to yourself, "I have no pain, My spine is great.". However, this isnt necessarily true. Only a small percentage of nerves actually detect pain. With millions of nerve impulses every minute you better believe that nerves control other things. The nervous system is our master control system, and we need to keep it free from interference.

This brings to the next big component of the traction pillow - the "V" in the center of the pillow. This opens up the nerve holes on each side of the spine to free up the nerves. The c curve only only opens up the holes or the intervertebral foramen, but allows the spine to function at its best. If the spine can function at its best, so can the nerves, and so can your body.

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