"I Just Had A Neck X-Ray..."

"My neck x-ray show a lot of degeneration, what does this mean? Oh yeah, the report also says loss of cervical lordosis and decreased neural foraminal spaces at a few levels, what's that?" OK, we've got some degeneration, or arthritis. The term spondylosis may also be used; all meaning the same thing.

what are the phases of neck degeneration
First, if we lost the normal curvature in the neck, we're going to have pressure on nerves. If we get this, we may have pain, we may not. But things will break down faster. Hence degeneration or arthritis. This breakdown may also cause disc bulging. So now we have arthritic bones, discs bulging, and guess what? - Inflammation! All of these thing can contribute to stiffness, pain, maybe numbness and tingling...But also contribute to those holes on the sides of the spine, where nerves come out, to get clogged up. "Ah ha, that's the neural foraminal stenosis they refer to. Yes, the foramen, or nerve holes are stenosed or closed up.

What we need to do is relax the area, taking down inflammation and start working that curvature back in the neck.

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