The News always talk about low back pain, what about neck pain?

I was flipping the TV channels last night and caught a clip from NBC Nightly News. They were talking about back pain, and of course the usual surgery drugs thing. The newscaster said to the resident doctor: "What about prevention?" She replied with the usual "strengthen the core". This may occasionally help the lower back but what about the neck?

A lot of the time they lump the neck into back things. Because your back often refers to the spine, which includes the neck. Well, just like the low back, we have to regularly look to practice prevention of pain or something similar.

There's no "core exercises" for the neck but it's very similar. You need to keep the neck health and strong too. I begin the day with dynamic stretches that include the neck and do sustained stretches later as well. I also do head retraction exercises regularly (As you may have figured, I do a lot of computer work).

So, think about your neck too, it's also part of the back!

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