What's Most Important When Choosing A Neck Pilow?

The most important aspect of your neck pillow is comfort. Try sleeping on that neck pillow that's just too hard, or even just squishes too much - you may wake up with pain and tingling in the arms, who knows. The next most important aspect in general for a pillow is the neck roll. This is there to help improve and maintain that ever so important, cervical curvature. Everyone is a little different however. A hypoallergenic pillow like most of our pillows may be necessary for someone with allergies. Someone used to memory foam may prefer one slightly more firm.
A Comfortable pillow is important to help you fall and stay asleep
A Comfortable Pillow is Important to Help you Fall Asleep

Also remember, when choosing your pillow, it's gotta have good neck support but comfort is king! (only get the large size if you are tall, not based on your bed) - Just wanted to put that to squash any possible confusion with my last line.

If you find yourself not getting a great night's sleep with you're once perfect pillow, it may just be time for a new one.

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