If I have foot pain, can I get low back problems?

Can Foot Pain be Related Somehow to Back Pain?
If you have foot pain there is a very good chance you might create back problems too. Have you ever heard the saying "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link". I think that can still apply here because the feet are directly related to the back. Like a house that has a poor foundation, if your base (feet), are not sturdy then you have lost strength automatically. Maybe the foot pain is not structural however. This will play less of a role with the pain in the back but can still affect it. If your gait is thrown of because of it it will work into the back. If you have to wear different shoes it will work into the back. If you can't wear something to give good arch support it will work its way to the back...

Don't discount your feet when it comes to back pain.

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