"I Love Watching TV in Bed, What's the Best Way?"

Trying to be comfortable
and watch tv in bed?
"When I watch TV in bed I usually find myself with 2 or 3 pillows under my head. This way I can lay I my back to watch. The problem is that if I do it too long I get neck pain. OMG, I fell asleep one time like this only to wake up with excruciating pain."

If on your back you need to support and maintain the normal neck curve. With too many pillows your neck is flexed forward. Oh yeah, what if you fall asleep and roll on your side? Your neck is bent to the side for hours...

The bottom line is that watching tv in bed isn't the greatest thing; sit up to watch when you want to. You can use a comfortable bed wedge to make it more supportive and ergonomic.

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