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Happy New Year From Arc 4 Life- Sorry for the delay in posting. its already started to be a busy 2014- we have multiple things cooking away here at Arc4life. 

Pillow size for the Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is very important. Frankly its important for any pillow that you buy.   The traction pillow is not like any other pillow. You want to get the size that fits your body, not the bed. So just because you have a king size bed doesn't mean you need a king size pillow. The traction pillow is based on body size.

Most people will fit the regular size or, in other words, medium size pillow. We recommend if someone is 6"1' or over get the large (king size).

"Ok, what if I'm 6 foot and a bit over?" Here's deal: if your fairly close to 6' - 6"1' and maybe you have a long neck go with the large. The opposite holds true if you feel you have a short neck or are very petite. Now, you have the pillow. If you feel like your head is being pushed upward or the pillow seems to be flexing the head forward, the pillow might be too big. If you don't feel like you have enough support, it's most likely too small.

Contact Arc 4 Life Directly if you have questions about Pillow Sizes. They are very used to answering questions about this topic !

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