Green Bean Extract, African Mango Diet Pills, Saffron Extract, Garcinia Cambogia extract, and Raspberry Ketone - Dr. Oz, Do Any of These Help with Weight Loss?

So what was the hub-bub? Well, doctor Mehmet Oz mentions a number of products or supplements of his tv show. He is a very popular celebrity from his show and the "Oprah Effect"... A cardiovascular surgeon by trade, when he talks - people listen!

The problem, it's probably really with any public figure, is that people will use what you say, and may take it out of context, twist it, etc... So if Dr Oz touts a green coffee weight loss drink, you better believe it's going to have the makers or sellers of any similar product jump all over that.

One of the biggest concerns for the Senate was Weight Loss Products. These so called miracle pills have come under great scrutiny by the medical profession. Maybe you have heard of them, and even saw them being sold on Amazon: Green Bean Extract, African Mango Diet Pills, Saffron Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, and Raspberry Ketone. The problem is that proper studies have not shown their true effects.

"Dr Oz says this..." "Dr Oz believes in this..." Many out there could be using his name to get their product out there. I must admit, with the internet, you can get your hands on almost anything...and some of it may be junk. There are a lot of great marketers out there. Do your due diligence, maybe that's internet research, maybe that's talking to your friends. Whatever the case may be, dot all your i's and cross all your t's. Ultimately the choice is yours.

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