Why Did My Injection Only Give Me Temporary Relief?

Those injections are only a medication.  They are given in a stronger dose and possibly injected directly to the necessary area.  Like any other mediation it may wear off, your body becomes somewhat tolerant to it, inflammation returns, all of the above, and/or spinal misalignments may be the root cause.

Also, like any other medication, they should not be continuously given due to some nasty side effects.  Steroid injections often weaken the bone, which can end up being a worse condition than you are dealing with.  I recall years ago how the doctor may give a number of these shots every year.  I remember someone who had six in less than a year.  Now they actually only allow three per year.  This gives us a little warning not to abuse these shot but to use them to precipitate healing, which should be continued with another therapy.

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