Coffee Prevents Liver Cancer

One big bonus is that coffee tends to have a diuretic effect. This is good because it flushes one out. With many it seems to flush things out both ways too. This is the body greeting rid of waste. With any disease process, these harmful waste products tend to build up. This takes the body well out of its equilibrium for an extended period of time, and allows a breakdown somewhere.

It helps to clean the kidneys out in the same fashion as well. You often hear about individuals doing a special kidney and liver cleanse which will include possibly some vitamins or minerals and a flushing out scenario.

Researchers in Italy discovered that coffee consumption appears to cut cancer risk by 40% and three cups per day may reduce it by 50%. Let me just say that coffee has always been a good thing, no matter what anyone says, packed with antioxidants, it does much more good than harm...

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