Some Crazy Things You May Do In Your Sleep!

Who knew that we do anything but sleep, move around a bit, and maybe get up to go to the bathroom. Well, the fact is there are a bunch of things people do while they snooze that you wouldn't believe.

Here they are:

  1. Sleepwalking - I apparently did it once when I was a kid and tried to get out of the house.  Probably good I didn't, but the banging on the door woke everyone up!!!
  2. Talk or Scream - just recently someone I know was telling me they did this and it kinda freaked her and her husband out a bit.  My mother-in-law talks in her sleep; once you're used to it it doesn't really bother you, and she seems fine.
  3. Send text messages.  I think I could imagine some people doing this.  They do it all the time when awake, during sleep too - jeez...
  4. Drive.  This can happen when a sleep-walker makes it out of the house.  Also, be careful with sleep medications too.
  5. There is something called sleep sex or sexsomnia - Having sex while awake is probably better?
  6. Prepare and Eat Food
  7. Act Out Their Dreams - I'll never forget the story my grandfather told when my uncle was a kid.  My uncle thought he was in a base ball game and my grandfather played along with him.  "You hit a homer- run the bases".  Then he would put my uncle back to sleep.  No harm, no foul - no pun intended.

So why does this happen?  I think we need to examine what we are eating, taking, and our sleep patterns. After that I would use the traction pillow.  Having good neck alignment and a good night's sleep fixes a lot...

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