Why Do A lot of People Recommend Warm Water in the Morning?

Well, don't just drink warm water but put a lemon or lime wedge in there too.  Why you may ask?  First off it's a good body detoxifier.

The warm water seems to be preferred by body organs and aids in digestion plus helps get rid of waste. Lemon is also a good detoxifier and then in the body converts it to a base. Remember that alkaline diet...

Next, it stimulates the bodies digestive tract.  This helps digestion and improves nutrient absorption.

It is also said to help weight loss.  Now I can tell you that I've met a few people who really don't enjoy drinking water.  The lemon can give nice flavor to the water and help one get away from using sugar.

It seems to soothe the stomach.  The hot water cleanses the body and the lemon contains elements that reduce stomach acidity.

After a good night's s sleep on my cervical pillow, I wake up and have a glass of warm water.

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